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Help for Parkinson’s - a new 501(c)3 organization

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

The mission of Help for Parkinson’s is to help give access to daily living tools, tips, and resources needed to live well today, and tomorrow. Help for Parkinson’s serves people living in the New York Greater Capital Region who are affected by Parkinson's Disease and those that care for them.

What Help for Parkinson's does and does not do.

  • Help for Parkinson’s is not a support group. There are already great support groups in the area, as well as great support group leaders.

  • Help for Parkinson’s will identify geographic or demographic communities that may need help with a support group and through our network, help those folks start new groups.

  • Help for Parkinson’s is not just a portal of information. MJ Fox Foundation, the Parkinson's Foundation, the Davis Phinney Foundation, and others all provide the PD community with quality information.

  • Help for Parkinson’s will seek to inform by broadcasting the best information we can find.

  • Help for Parkinson’s is not an exercise provider or provider of any wellness services, but we will assess what is available, and do everything in our power to make sure the good ones are known to the PD community and are sustainable.

  • Help for Parkinson’s will try to get providers to start programs in areas that don’t have those programs.. For example: Rock Steady Boxing in the Saratoga Springs area, after a great deal of discussion, will start shortly after the New Year.

Help for Parkinson’s has training costs in our budget . We can use these funds to train instructors for specialized PD classes. .Having more instructors means we will have more sustainable classes.

Help for Parkinson’s has also committed to funding Schott's Boxing and Dance Beyond Parkinson’s.. Both programs were in jeopardy of ending due to lack of funding and we were able to make sure they continued.

Meet our Board of Directors -

You can learn more about local resources and help fund our



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