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Type with Your Voice

I learned how to type in high school, but my counselor wouldn't let me take a typing class. He said, "That class is for students on a secretarial path. You're on a college path, so you won't need it."

I heard a rumor that I might have to type papers in college, so I got a "learn to type" book, borrowed a typewriter, and taught myself to type.

After spending 30+ years as an IT manager, typing hours per day, I got better at it. But about a year after my Parkinson's diagnosis, I started having trouble typing and using a mouse. Although I loved my job, difficulty typing weighed heavily on my decision to retire.

Now, after having Parkinson's for almost 12 years, I have taken up the hobby of developing and maintaining websites for organizations I believe in, such as

I don't have to work all day typing to maintain the sites, but here I am, still typing.

One day, I accidentally stumbled upon a feature on my smartphone that allows me to dictate text. For a while, I used my phone to make rough drafts of documents and then used my laptop computer to fix up the text.. I didn’t know that I could do voice to text directly on my laptop PC. But I've now found a setting on my laptop that lets me do the voice to text directly on the laptop.. I can type so much faster without worrying about tremors and the mouse.

Here are some links to help you use voice typing on your electronic device:

  • How to use voice typing on Windows 10 and Windows 11:

  • How to use dictation on Mac:

  • How to dictate text on iPhone:

  • How to use voice typing on Android:

I hope this is helpful!

- Jud



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