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What is a Parkinson's yoga class?

Yoga is an effective way for Parkinson's sufferers to increase flexibility and ward off the rigidity associated with PD. Muscle spasms, atrophy, and rigidity associated with movement disorders often restrict balance and range of motion. Research shows that the benefits of yoga for movement disorders include improved strength, flexibility, balance, overall fitness and quality of life.

A regular sustained practice can have the effect of slowing the progression of PD and mollifying or eliminating some symptoms.

Yoga is by nature therapeutic and that means it is for everyone. Regardless of age, income or health, with the proper instruction, yoga is fantastic for people living with PD. Keep in mind that each individual brings unique needs and goals. Those can be addressed through a regular yoga practice and guided by a qualified yoga teacher. Here are just a few of the benefits: induces relaxation, lessens or alleviates tremors, reduces muscle tension and other pains, diminishes rigidity, improves balance and coordination, improves sleep, improves muscle strength and motor control, enhances focus, concentration and alertness, increases flexibility, creates deeper, easier breathing, provides tools to stand tall with great posture, balances emotions, calms the mind, creates a peaceful spirit.



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