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Open Letter to Acadia Pharmaceuticals

This is a re-post of a letter that was lost in our website redesign. Although this TV advertisment is no longer on, I am posting this letter as an example of the kind of positive actions we can take.

TO: Paul Sciortino Neuroscience Sales Specialist ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc. cell 802-238-3903

From: Jud Eson and Nancy R. Eson

Hi Paul,

We talked about having you give a presentation to our support group in the spring.

After hearing about the ad put out by Acadia, and now seeing it

we will not have you come to our meeting, or have you speak with us about this drug,

We found the video to be irresponsible, inappropriate and frightening.

It is irresponsible to portray possible Parkinson’s symptoms in such a way that brings only fear and false information to people who are trying to do their best to live their life in a positive way while dealing with this disease, Those newly diagnosed, or less knowledgeable about Parkinson’s Disease, should not be led to believe that this is their future, especially when for so many it is not.  We hope our adult children never see this ad, as it would be terrifying for them to think this could be me.  While it may happen in some form, it may not at all, and certainly not with dramatic background music designed to terrify.

Please forward this to your superiors.  We hope to learn that the decision is made to cease airing of this ad.  It’s done enough damage already.

Jud Eson and Nancy Eson


Capital District Parkinson’s Support Group



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