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November 11, 2021

November 11, 2021

November 12, 2021

Thursday, November 11, 7 PM
Speaker: We will not have a speaker in order to allow each of us to speak and listen to each other.

This will be a hybrid meeting. Attend in-person at Albany Med or attend by Zoom.

Location: Huyck Auditorium at Albany Medical Center. Masks must be worn inside AMC.

  • Park at the Physician's Pavilion lot on the west side of the hospital.

  • Enter the building at the revolving door entrance to the "A" building.

  • Follow the main corridor about halfway and turn left at the ceiling sign pointing to the Huyck Auditorium.

  • Albany Med building map


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Part I

For 15 minutes, you will be paired with another individual or couple. Zoomers will be put in a randomly assigned break-out room, two screens (2-4 people) per room.

Please use the time for each of you to share:

1. A brief description of your PD journey, and a bit about yourself.

2. One PD related issue you are struggling with right now,

3. One PD related issue you have dealt with successfully in the past.


For the next 15 minutes, repeat  new groupings, same questions as Part I.  Zoomers will be put in a different randomly assigned break-out room, two screens per room.

Common Parkinson’s Misconceptions

Part III

Share with the whole group items that were helpful for you.

15 mins of feedback to the whole group.

===== Chat and notes from meeting

From  Leah and Kevin Purcell  to  Everyone:

I think we all know how attitude can affect symptoms. Alfred shared a breathing technique to help with restless leg in the night.

--- Jud --- I will try to follow up with Alfred to see how he does it.

From  Ian Wing  to  Everyone:

Thanks Leah  Many of us have restless legs so would be good to share

From  Ian Wing  to  Everyone:

Hope to see everyone at the holiday party - good food and lots of fun. The venue is large and so we will be able to socially distance as you prefer. Please RSVP as soon as possible so we can plan as accurately as possible

From Bill Wiles

ok, we'll check the website to see the rest of the 7 misconceptions. Thank you, Jud.

-- Jud -- We talked about 2 or three of these Common Parkinson’s Misconceptions

From  Ben & Sharon Wiles  to  Everyone:

yes, we got the link to the community resources from you today in an email. It looks very comprehensive!

-- Jud --- This searchable listing put together by Alzheimer’s Association and AARP, will help you get easy access to resources, community programs and services.

Start your search here

From  Ben & Sharon Wiles  to  Everyone:

I'm curious. How many people are live and in person tonight (not zooming)?

-- Jud --- 27 screenns (some with two peoplw watching) registered to attend by zoom. I think most actually attended, although some had technical difficulties.

I didn't actually count, but I am guessing aboout 25 in attendance at AMC

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