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What some experts say about micrographia

What is micrographia?

Micrographia is an acquired disorder that features abnormally small, cramped handwriting or the progression to progressively smaller handwriting. It is commonly associated with neurodegenerative disorders of the basal ganglia, such as in Parkinson's disease, but it has also been ascribed to subcortical focal lesions.

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Managing Micrographia

Medications to control movement symptoms may slightly improve micrographia. There are also some strategies that can make writing more comfortable for you and legible for your readers.

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The first strategy is regular practice. Just as practicing your penmanship in elementary school helped you improve your handwriting, taking time each day to work on your writing now can improve your physical ability to write.

  • Practice! Write one page every day.

  • Use lined paper.

  • Sit upright in a comfortable chair, and write on a table.

  • Write during “on” time when medication is working best.

  • Take breaks as needed.

  • If writing becomes too difficult for you or too hard to read, try typing. If motor control makes that too hard, also, try dictation software. There are programs for your phone and computer that can help.


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