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Resources from the Presenter at our May Meeting

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Below are the links to resources that Nancy Nealon from the Parkinson Foundation gave us at our May meeting. In case you missed it, Nancy walked us through the resources on the Parkinson Foundation website. We also had a lively discussion about the resources, including the Aware in Care materials (see one of the links below). Nancy was very gracious at our meeting and she's an enthusiastic and experienced supporter of people in the Parkinson's community. She is happy to answer questions from individuals via phone or email.

Parkinson's Foundation | Better Lives. Together. Landing page/front page of website Resources & Support | Parkinson's Foundation Aware in Care kit will be found on this page Parkinson's Foundation - YouTube Direct link to the videos page on YouTube Parkinson’s Foundation Online Courses | Parkinson's Foundation The Care Partner’s Online resource/courses will be found here PD Health @ Home | Parkinson's Foundation This link will bring you to the landing page for Mindfulness Mondays, Wellness Wednesdays, Fitness Fridays Nancy Nealon 585.743.1266



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