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Lower Back Pain And Parkinson’s Disease

I have a 30 to 40-year history of episodes of bad back pain. Episodes occurred every two to three years. Typically, a week or two after starting, the back pain went away as mysteriously as it came. Recently I had a six-week-long period of intense lower back, hip, leg, and knee pain. It was OK when lying on my back, but sitting, standing, and walking was impossible. My phone app was telling me that I was averaging 30 steps per day for almost six weeks. After many types of diagnostics and treatments, I am finally almost pain-free and gaining my strength back.

I wondered if this episode could have been aggravated by the Parkinson's symptoms I've had for the past nine years. Is there a link between back pain and PD? Are there treatments for back pain that would be particularly good or bad for PD? This article from the ADPA

"Lower Back Pain And Parkinson’s Disease" by Dr. Rebecca Gilbert, helped me answer those questions and summarizes the things you can do to help alleviate your back pain.

Yes, that is an MRI of my spine



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