Speaker Leads

Speaker scheduling 

Programming: April 13, 2017  Lynda Shrager OT  http://www.cdparkinsons.org/2017-04-17-lynda-shrager-to-age-in-place/ Tom will get snacks Formal elections? Treasurer’s report email addresses Heintje A. Calara MA, RN Duopa Nurse Northeast Region More to be announced Tom will ask speaker for short bio and topic summary It would be good if speaker kept remarks to 45 minutes or less so we have time for business meeting and […]

Medical marijuana- topic idea

From: karen woods <karenwoods2070@gmail.com>Date: 04/10/2017 12:07 (GMT-05:00)  To: mfb093057@hotmail.com  Subject: Medical Marijuana Pharma Cannis  Hi Mark:  Not sure if you will remember me. I worked with Solomon/Medtronic and attended some of your support group events. I am now working for Pharma Cannis with a dispensary at 10 Executive Park, Albany. Would you be interested in me coming in to introduce Medical Marijuana […]

Mary Piel occupational therapist LSVT BIG

Hi, My name is Mary Piel. I am an occupational therapist at Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital. I am certified in LSVT BIG which is a nationally recognized treatment for patient’s with Parkinson’s. We have several therapist at Sunnyview that are certified in LSVT BIG and we have also begun a Wellness Program for patient’s with Parkinsons. I would love to come to your […]

LSVT BIG and Hypnotherapy provider

  Introducing Dr. Debra Viertanen I am a LSVT BIG certified physical therapist offering this program to PWP. I have spent 38 years treating People with Parkinsons and have never found a program that works so well. I also have a certification in hypnotherapy. Many PWP have higher anxiety and difficulty sleeping. I offer hypnosis to assist with this. I will begin […]

Group Exercise Instructor

Katherine Napoli email: knapoli@cdymca.org Greetings- I work at the Guilderland Branch of the YMCA as a Group Exercise Instructor. I am certified to teach Pedaling for Parkinsons (P4P) and Parkinsons Wellness Program (PWP), both of which are offered in our Guilderland location. I would be happy to participate in a future meeting and provide more information and perhaps a short demonstration or class […]